ZuluTEST - Let Nature Do Its Work For You!

ZuluTEST (with bulbine natalensis) was not conceived in labs, nor is it based upon science. Its unique effects (and rare formula) come from the wilds of Africa and are proven through centuries of Zulu tribal medicinal use. There is nothing like ZuluTEST currently available in the US. The mix of these rare individual warrior herbs has throughout history served to fuel elevated testosterone levels (and some pretty heroic efforts), while reducing estrogen and its effects (man boobs).

The manufacturing process for our proprietary blend of these four wild harvested, freeze dried, ultrasonically extracted herbs is unique to the US market resulting in unrivaled purity and potency. Our veggie caps are lighter (440mg per capsule vs 550mg of most brands); as a freeze dried product contains between 1% and 3% water, so you are actually getting more pure bioactive plant nutrients in each serving. Our 84 capsule bottle size provides a man over 200 lbs a six week cycle of use, if you are under 200 lbs you receive a full nine weeks of use!

Men Under 35 <

You are looking for that additional all-natural edge to your athletic performance. An uptick in results without the fear of a negative drug test or long term damage to your body.

  • Active bodybuilders
  • Casual or competitive athletes
  • Cyclists, crossfitters, runners, tri-athletes, and tough mudders…

You want an increase in your training results, clarity of mind, confidence and strength, greater gains in your workouts, muscle mass and athletic performance.

Men Over 35 >

You realize that you are not getting any younger. You can begin to feel the effects of age and the impact of declining testosterone levels:

  • The difficulty in maintaining a fit shape
  • Experiencing increasing belly fat
  • Less initiative and energy
  • Lowered sexual desire and performance

You want a solution that has the potential to turn back the hands of time. How long has it been since you have been lion hunting with your friends?