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Welcome to the About Us page, and your interest in learning a bit more about African Wild Naturals, and ZuluTEST, a wild harvested, natural herbal testosterone booster for men, with bulbine natalensis. Please review the tabbed information below.

Who We Are... How We Began...

Hello, my name is Michael Whited. I am the founder of African Wild Naturals. As an undrafted rookie free agent walk on in 1980, I made the Detroit Lions final roster and played that entire season at offensive tackle and long snapper. Unfortunately I injured my hip that season, had surgery and my NFL career was over. I tried a comeback in 1983 with the Arizona Wranglers of the USFL, played that year and just found that my body just could not do it anymore. All were great experiences for me.  Two hip replacements later, and at 58 years old and like many in my age bracket, I am dealing with the effects of declining testosterone. As you know there is a snowstorm, a blizzard, no a frozen hurricane of testosterone boosters out there. How to choose? I am sure that many of them work very well.

I have taken a bit of a different track. I began with the idea of “how to provide the purest and most potent all natural botanical formula to address this core area of overall male health?”  What is trending and working in the US? Where do these herbals originate? How are they sourced? What are the production methods?  I researched many different products, approaches, processes… The result? By sourcing a product straight from the wilds of Africa and delivering to you in the most unaffected and pure form as is possible, we have landed on what we believe to be one of the most effective and potent herbal testosterone booster deliveries available in the US today. That product is ZuluTEST.

To understand what I am saying, please check out the Our Process page to see how we preserve and deliver the most potent genetic streams of wild harvested African indigenous plants to be found. There are no heat or chemical treatments of any kind in the processing and manufacturing of ZuluTEST. It is an all natural testosterone boosting supplement for men that is based upon the wisdom of centuries of African Zulu tribal medicinal use and our very unique, all natural,  freeze dried, ultrasonically extracted process methodology.

I do not throw around the weight in the weight room that I used to… my shoulders just cannot take it these days. But I am enjoying an energetic and vibrant fit lifestyle, and I attribute much of this to my use of ZuluTEST. With our no risk money back guarantee, we are hoping that you also will learn what the ancient Zulu peoples have known for years and give ZuluTEST a try. We are committed to real results and changing the quality of life for the young athlete looking to get ripped and the older male dealing with his declining testosterone levels. If you have any questions or comments for me, please submit your message via the contact us page. We would love to hear from you.

African Wild Naturals

Influenced by centuries of Zulu tribal medicinal use and the historical wisdom of Africa, African Wild Naturals LLC is dedicated to sourcing and delivering in supplement form, the rarest, most impactful indigenous wild harvested African botanicals that are aimed towards life altering impact for five key topic areas to include sport nutrition, mood, colds/flu, weight loss and sexual health.

We will continue to develop a range of African botanical extract formulations that are compliant with international production standards that fit into the major demand categories of the markets we serve and are well-priced and comparable in efficiency to similar competitive products available on the market.

Our products match the manufacturing standards set forth in the health food and herbal supplements industry abroad and are packaged according to the specifications set by the market. With these retail products we intend to continue our distribution into the US and world online markets. Our mission is to introduce the world to the botanical resources in Africa through research, innovation and quality with a particular emphasis on sustainable and fair trade, as emphasized in our supplier benefit sharing agreement with the San people of South Africa.