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ZuluTEST (with bulbine natalensis), is an all natural concoction of ancient Zulu Warrior Herbs. Containing four wild harvested botanicals (two powerful testosterone boosters, and two powerful aphrodisiac’s), these individual herbs have been used for hundreds of years by the legendary Zulu Warrior. ZuluTEST combines these unique ingredients into a single powerful formulation. ZuluTEST is a truly holistic and highly effective solution for both the young athlete looking to “get ripped” and the middle aged man looking to address his declining testosterone levels.

ZuluTEST *Warrior Herbal* Formulation

TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER >> Bulbine Natalensis is a small fleshy ground plant with bright yellow flowers. It is native to the northern and eastern parts of South Africa where it has been used as a natural testosterone booster for many centuries.

Stories tell of how in ancient times Zulu warriors would take Bulbine while readying for battle. The little plant would give them the strength and stamina they needed to protect their families and livelihood, and to come home victorious.

With the news full of stories of aging baby boomers (of which I am one) and the search to naturally address declining testosterone levels, it has become increasingly apparent why Bulbine has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of South Africa. This powerful plant naturally and dramatically stimulates the production of testosterone, increasing body levels for younger men and bringing them up to normal in older men who battle with low levels of testosterone. Long ago this African botanical was a key for legendary Zulu warriors in preparation for battle. It would stimulate the powerful increase of testosterone, and provide the youthful ability to keep fighting for longer periods of time and with more aggression. In peaceful times Bulbine would help increase overall male strength and a man’s sexual desire and performance.

Today the effective use of a wild harvested source of Bulbine achieves many of the same effects. Restoring healthy and natural testosterone levels assists in building muscle, improving motivation, clearing the mind, getting rid of flabbiness and can be used as a powerful aphrodisiac. As well as increasing athletic performance, Bulbine is well known to increase libido and sexual performance.

The leaves and roots of the Bulbine plant are harvested fresh from the wild where they are left to grow undisturbed by the unnatural consequences of commercial farming. Wild populations are monitored to make sure they are not over harvested and maintain their natural potency and efficacy. The entire manufacturing process from harvesting to encapsulation involves no heat, no chemicals or solvents and no unnatural intervention or disturbance of raw plant materials, resulting in the most potent and pure form of natural bioactive ingredients available today.


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TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER >> The traditional herb, Massularia, has its roots entwined with the Yoruba people of Nigeria. This is where it has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac for many centuries.

Massularia works as a testosterone stimulant and libido enhancer. Recent studies have revealed that there is scientific evidence behind the years of trusted use by the Yoruba people. Traditionally the leaves have been applied directly to the skin to heal aching muscles and decoctions of the plant have been used to boost sexual performance.

Today Massularia is appearing in the testosterone market as a natural testosterone booster. The benefits of increased testosterone are numerous and include stronger, denser muscle, quick recovery times, increased sexual desire and reduced flabbiness.

There are many reasons that men seek out all natural testosterone boosting substances – aging, low libido, low motivation – For this reason people are looking into natural plant based alternatives. A wealth of ancient knowledge exists that has the potential to be of great benefit to men who suffer from declining levels of testosterone.

Massularia is one such herb that can be used to boost testosterone levels naturally. Healthy testosterone levels aid in the prevention of serious stress and anxiety. The Massularia contained in ZuluTEST is wild harvested and places less stress on the environment, achieving a healthy relationship with our precious natural resources.


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INCREASE BLOOD FLOW/APHRODISIAC >> Typha capensis is a reed-like plant that grows abundantly in South Africa. Its long grassy leaves and characteristic brown flower stalks can be found crowding riverbeds and dams in South Africa. The thick fleshy rhizomes (underground stems) of Typha have been wild harvested for hundreds of years and used to boost male potency and performance. Traditionally the rhizomes were boiled into tea that the Zulu men drank to increase libido. To the Zulu people who have used this plant medicinally for centuries it is known as the Zulu Love Root, hinting at its tribal medicinal use as a libido enhancer and aphrodisiac.

Typha is also a vasodilator, improving blood flow and circulation. Improved circulation maintains a healthy stream of nutrients and oxygen transported to every cell in the body. Circulation is vital to muscle function increasing stamina and endurance while removing waste. Typha helps improve workout recovery, sexual desire and generally helps improve mood.

Traditionally Typha has been used not only as an aphrodisiac that increases circulation and blood flow but also for a variety of other ailments including diarrhea, dysentery and infertility in women. The long grassy leaves have been used for building, crafts and as a food crop.

Typha capensis illustrates the way that natural solutions are in abundance if we know how to look for and respect them. The earth can continue to provide us with cures for a multitude of ills. The key to this lies in an ancient web of traditional knowledge that has been handed down throughout the ages.


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INCREASE BLOOD FLOW/APHRODISIAC >> Bangalala is the Zulu word for an important group of herbal aphrodisiacs. Among these treasured plants is the yellow flowered herb known as Eriosema Kraussianum. This African plant grows in the rocky grasslands of southern Africa and it has been historically shown to be a highly effective traditional aphrodisiac and male sexual enhancer.

Recent studies have revealed that Eriosema helps to dramatically increase blood flow, working to increase the transport of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The effect is greater stamina and energy helping you to extend your workouts and recover quickly from the effects of lactic acid build up. Due to the striking effect that Eriosema has on circulation it is also taken in its pure form before intercourse, as it supplies extra blood to the genital area.

African Wild Naturals is proud to introduce a sustainable, wild harvested and all natural form of Eriosema to the market. Through the years the historical of use of this traditional herb has not been lost. Traveling through time, African Wild Naturals has combined traditional knowledge with high standard testing and processing procedures to provide a safe and healthy all natural solution. The extract that is produced is both environmentally and homeopathically safe and effective.


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Results – The four African botanicals in ZuluTEST have historically shown to dramatically boost testosterone levels and sexual health. This results in increased energy, explosive gains in strength and muscle mass, increased circulation, better  workout recovery, elevated mood, increased sense of well-being and confidence, accelerated drive, stamina and enhanced male performance, reduction in effects of Low T, increased lean body mass and fat loss.

The herbs in ZuluTEST are verified by HPLC (no false substitutes), Wild Harvested (no herbal cultivation farms or pesticides, highest genetic potency), Cold Water Washed (no heat processes), Ultrasonically Extracted (no use of chemical solvents) Freeze Dried (best delivery of bioavailable plant actives in original form) – harvested from the wilds of Africa, with centuries of ancient tribal use. Preserved from nature direct to you… it does not get more pure and natural than this.

Fair Trade and Ecologically Responsible – the herbs used in ZuluTEST support a Benefit Sharing Agreement with the South African San (‘Bushmen’ or Basarwa) Council, in accordance with the South African Bio Diversity Act 10 of 2004. Wild Harvesting occurs under a bio harvesting license that supports managed and responsible native species growth and preservation of the natural resource.

100% Guarantee of Satisfaction – Bulbine Natalensis, the war preparation and fuel of the ancient Zulu Warrior, is now becoming a known and powerful testosterone boosting herbal for both athletes in training to middle age men needing support for declining testosterone levels.  African Wild Naturals LLC is confident in the potency and efficacy of ZuluTEST and so fully committed to your complete satisfaction, that we offer an unconditional “no questions asked”, no-risk, money back guarantee.