Our Purpose

The View Inside Our Purpose

Our purpose in bringing African Botanicals to the US (showcasing wild indigenous African plants including bulbine natalensis) is embodied within three important themes:

  • First is to preserve the purest and most unaffected goodness of nature and deliver it to you in a wild harvested, ultrasonically extracted and freeze dried form. If you read through our process information, you will see clearly how we do this.
  • Second is to do this in a way that supports and encourages both the people and lands that contribute to this goodness. The benefit sharing agreement that is in place with the native San People, ensures ongoing contribution to their cultural development, and our suppliers wild harvesting license supports the ecological growth and proliferation of all indigenous plant species.
  • Third, is a sustainable business model that allows for the continued manufacture and delivery of our unique African botanical extracts. This is possible through the over-delivery of value to and satisfaction of our loyal and expanding customer base. (see below)

Intentional and Principled Business Practice

Our Purpose

African Wild Naturals is a botanical formulation distributor specializing in African indigenous botanicals. We are committed to developing the markets for botanicals that show promise as potential commercial ingredients in the international natural wellness economies.

We will continue to develop a range of African botanical extract formulations that are compliant with international production standards that fit into the major demand categories of the markets we serve and are well-priced and comparable in efficiency to similar competitive products available on the market.

Our products match the manufacturing standards set forth in the health food and herbal supplements industry abroad and are packaged according to the specifications set by the market. With these retail products we intend to continue our distribution into the US and world online markets. Our mission is to introduce the world to the botanical resources in Africa through research, innovation and quality with a particular emphasis on sustainable and fair trade, as emphasized in our supplier benefit sharing agreement with the San people of South Africa.

African Wild Naturals is building a business that will help to introduce the world to the vast botanical resources available in Africa. We are focused on supporting long-term, sustainable harvesting of botanical resources that will create new markets for rural communities to earn income and facilitate growth in the manufacturing sector for indigenous African herbal products.

We are dedicated to researching and saving the knowledge of African traditional healers and creating channels through which minority communities can derive benefit sharing from the plants that are commercially successful. We believe that botanical resources in Africa may hold the key to major health ailments that are currently ‘incurable’ and we want to be at the forefront of these discoveries.

We plan to become the leading online supplier and industry expert on indigenous African botanical herbal extracts. Our vision is to grow this business in a way that respects the earth and its indigenous knowledge systems whilst also being financially profitable and ethical in our pursuits. Our customers should share our values of sustainability and ethical business practices so that we can jointly create a blueprint for sustainable trade in botanical ingredients from Southern Africa.

  • Ecological sensitivity: We believe that the earth is under extreme strain due to over-consumption of natural resources in a non-sustainable way. We are committed to the practice of sustainable wild harvesting which ensures that future generations have an endless supply of the resources.
  •  Community sustainability: through benefit-sharing of the profits made from botanical resources, the communities who showed us these plants through their indigenous knowledge are able to derive financial benefit for their own development initiatives.
  • Research-driven products: There are many African scientists producing research on the botanical resources of Africa. We follow this research and choose the botanicals that are scientifically backed.
  • International standards: African manufacturing can be excellent; the world just needs to see more of it. We are committed to international protocols such as HACCP and ISO as well as international standards of botanical identification (HPLC).
  • Internet-driven: We use the Internet as a platform for marketing, sales and communication by following the trends and strategy of previously successful business models and new emerging success stories. We learn from these cases and apply them directly to our own business.
  • Strong Value System: We will do business in a way that is honest, fair, ethical and upright to the best of our ability at all times so that everything we do is an extension of these values. We believe in the sacredness of all life and the spiritual responsibility that we have to protect, preserve and improve the botanical wisdom of Africa.